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STEP#1: We will contact you by PHONE within 48-hours to schedule your consultation. My awesome assistant Rhonda will be the one calling you. Just so you know who’s calling, she will say “Hi, this is Rhonda from the More Patients Now program…” If you gave us your office number, please alert your front office staff to take Rhonda’s call, and pass it on to you. IMPORTANT NOTE: If it happens to be 2:42am on a Saturday night when you’re reading this and thus just submitted your consultation request, please give us until end of day on Monday to be in touch. 🙂

STEP#2: Once Rhonda schedules our call, Ill call you the day and time we book and we’ll spend 30-minutes on the phone together. During our call we will discuss: the best niche for us to focus on, how we can increase your business and income with a very high ROI like we've done for other clients, fees for our services, payment options we offer and we will mutually determine if it’s a fit to move forward and work together.

STEP#3: If its a fit to move forward and work together...we’ll sign a service agreement and be off to the races to get you more patients now, so you can help MANY more people as possible get healthy!

Thank you and Rhonda will be calling you very soon!

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